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Makes using your iPhone during a run, hike or at the gym comfortable and safe while keeping you fully interactive with your apps and music.

Ditch the Arm Bands or stop carrying your phone and try Beat Belt today and improve your running form.

Beat Belt keeps your iPhone safe, dry and available for use AT ANY TIME.

Beat Belt is a smart alternative to having to run with your phone in your sweaty palms, or stuffing it in your bra or pocket! It’s WATER RESISTANT phone holder also PROTECTS your phone from potential damage during physical activity. Beat Belt beats all the other ill-fitting belts or arm bands in EASE OF USE and ACCESSIBILITY to your smart phone.
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Beat Belt is made from PREMIUM QUALITY Lycra mix that is so LIGHT and COMFORTABLE you will forget that it’s even there! It conforms to your body, giving the perfect fit with absolutely NO BOUNCE!
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What others are saying

are saying...
“I have to admit that at first I had a hard time attaching the snaps on the belt... but after a couple times of use, it became like second nature.  It holds my key, ID, Credit Card, and phone leaving my hands free to do whatever I want!  Beat Belt definitely makes my life easier!” – Sam
“After my first run with beat belt, I was hooked!  I could listen to my music on my run, without hassling with my phone!  At one point I even forgot it was there...until I felt like switching songs. I just took my phone off my waste, changed the music, put it right back on and continued my run!  I won’t ever run again without it!” – Rae
“I love how flattering Beat Belt fits.  It holds my phone during my hikes, while cinching my waist to give me an hourglass shape!” – April
“I was surprised at how high the quality of Beat Belt is. It’s also extremely soft and comfortable. It’s definitely way more impressive in person!” – Peter Hu
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