Beat Belt
Beat Belt Specs
1 Touch Friendly Protective Cover
2 Highest Quality Lightweight Lycra
3 Key Holder
4 Credit Card Holder
5 Velcro and Snaps Double Secure Attachment
6 Headphone Cable Loop
What others are saying

are saying...
“I have to admit that at first I had a hard time attaching the snaps on the belt... but after a couple times of use, it became like second nature.  It holds my key, ID, Credit Card, and phone leaving my hands free to do whatever I want!  Beat Belt definitely makes my life easier!” – Sam
“After my first run with beat belt, I was hooked!  I could listen to my music on my run, without hassling with my phone!  At one point I even forgot it was there...until I felt like switching songs. I just took my phone off my waste, changed the music, put it right back on and continued my run!  I won’t ever run again without it!” – Rae
“I love how flattering Beat Belt fits.  It holds my phone during my hikes, while cinching my waist to give me an hourglass shape!” – April
“I was surprised at how high the quality of Beat Belt is. It’s also extremely soft and comfortable. It’s definitely way more impressive in person!” – Peter Hu
Beat Bealt Package
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